Private Distance Running Coaching Services

Dr. Strouse (“Coach Darcy”) provides private distance running coaching services to individual athletes, groups, and teams to enhance running performance and/or improve adherence to training/exercise regimens to promote overall fitness.  

Coaching consultation may involve:

  • Development of individual, group, and/or team training and fitness goals
  • Development of individual, group, and/or training and fitness plans
  • Review of training progress

Service formats include:

  • One-on-one coaching session (one-time only or recurring) 
  • Group/family sessions
  • Team sessions
  • Clinics, camps, and workshops for athletes
  • Coaching clinics and workshops

Coaching features include:

  • Bi-weekly training plans sent to you via email. Workouts and overall training plans are tailored to runner age and experience.
  • Bi-weekly training reviews via phone conversation or Skype.
  • Weekly email correspondence with Dr. Strouse